Top 4 Valentine’s Day Ideas

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The Big V Day is arriving and you are thinking about doing something similar from last year. So predictable, so easy – but really boring. Let’s spice things up! It’s 2011 and the time is now to think creatively and fun and festive. This does not mean things have to be expensive. Most restaurants will be full and anyone can take a date out to dinner. What about actually making dinner for your Valentine? Doing something special for them like running the bath with some bubbles and setting up candles and washing their hair? How about some close, special “me” time or maybe we should say “together” time?  Sounds better than dinner out with a worn out waitress taking your order already right? We thought so! And yes, we normally talk about natural skincare and makeup and having your own private label skincare line for your spa – but we are straying a bit for the fun of Valentine’s Day!

Here are our TOP 4 Valentine’s Ideas that won’t break the budget and are designed to have you back to your sexy self again!

1)  Get in the car….full tank of gas and take a romantic drive. Bring your favorite CD’s and relax together. Find a neat, local out of the way place to have a bite to eat and ask the locals for something interesting to know about the town. Sometimes you find out that a random famous book author lived there and the entire plot for the novel was developed out of the local characters. Maybe you go find the book and read it later. Give it to your date as memorabilia for your fun day. Sometimes you find out that a town is haunted or maybe just the library…..hmmm do you have time to check it out? Be adventurous and open to new ideas and new experiences – together it will be a fun day!

2) Are you an eco-friendly green environmentalist type? What can you do on Valentine’s Day that would help the planet? What about something you could do together to help a neighbor? Sometimes it’s not about doing things for just yourselves, sometimes it’s about lending a hand to fix and paint an elderly neighbors broken fence. You could just ask permission first (always a good thing) and then hand them a Valentine’s card and wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day neighbor – your friends name1 and name2. So if you end up at the movies that night eating popcorn for dinner at the $3 theater – that’s ok – you helped your neighbor and your neighborhood with time. Precious time and a little bit of effort. I bet you’ll have fun too!

3)  When as the last time you were on a train? There are fun train rides all across America. You just have to do a little research. Some people like to take the ski train up to the mountains whether they ski or not. Think about experiencing a railroad museum together. Take in a little history – maybe you will actual win your next Trivial Pursuit game just because you know a cool steam train fact. If you do find a fun excursion it’s nice that you can both enjoy the scenery and snuggle while the train takes you to magical places. All aboard!

4) Ok so we know this might be predictable but – you can’t go wrong setting up the tub with candles and rose petals and some nice natural bubble bath that will make your Valentine’s skin so soft and subtle. Yes, it really will. Do we have to mention all the details? Even if you just bring in pizza or tossed salads from your favorite place – just make everything easy and relaxed. Er, you did remember the champagne? Chocolate? Sent the kids to their friend’s house for the night? Check, check and check?  Ah, you ROCK my friend. The scent of cherries or lavender or roses along with the sweeping shadows of light from your candles and the warm steam from the bath…….such a great way to celebrate time. Slow, relaxing time. Valentine’s Day is good to come around early in the year to remind us of how nice and giving we should all be to one another. Cuddling is so much better with chocolate kisses.

May all our blog readers all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day in style. If you’d like to use any of our luscious products in your experience please order soon from Renaud Naturals so everything will arrive in time. Happy Valentine’s Day friends!

Facial Care – Make It a Habit!

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Following a simple skincare routine can dramatically affect the way your skin looks and feels. When you maintain a good skin care routine, you will notice several significant changes. Your face will be cleaner and exude a healthy glow. The skin will become more firm and toned. Lines will appear less noticeable and skin will appear less fatigued. With a regular skincare routine, you can enjoy beautiful, bright, healthy skin.

Many people start following a skin care program to fight the signs of aging, but there are also other reasons to begin a skincare program. A good skin are program is important when it comes to keeping your skin looking healthy and youthful – no matter what your age. Skin conditions such as acne, excess oil, dry skin and sensitive skin and mature skin changes all benefit from a good skincare routine.

People will often fail to establish a regular facial skin care routine because it does not fit well with their schedule. Many times hectic schedules and travel plans can interfere with a regular skin care program and make it difficult to stick with. The best way to establish a routine is to find one that is easy to follow. Once you make the routine into a habit, it will take only a few minutes each day to complete. Be sure your skincare products are available and easily within reach. One good idea is to keep your facial cleanser in the shower, allowing you to cleanse your face while bathing.

Your basic skin care routine should include a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Also incorporate acne treatment if you have acne problems. You may also want to include eye treatments for wrinkles, dark circles or bags beneath the eyes. Ideally, organize these steps into your morning routine in such a way that they do not take a lot of time. One hint is to apply eye treatments directly under your makeup to quicken your process.

It is usually easy to follow an organized skin care plan in the mornings when routines rarely change. On the other hand, evening routines can be more difficult to maintain. Last minute plans, traveling, and fatigue all do their part to interfere with the evening facial skincare routine. Always be sure to carry small amounts of your products with you when you travel away from home too. It is important to maintain your routine, especially when traveling.

A simple skincare routine can dramatically affect the way your skin looks and feels. You will notice significant changes in your skin once you make this routine into a habit. Good quality products protect the skin from environmental pollutants and improve the overall complexion of the face. When you implement a regular skin care routine, you can enjoy beautiful, bright, healthy skin for life!