Apple Stem Cell Anti-Aging Skin Solution

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Ingredients are the life of your product.  It says what is inside that jar or bottle. It tells you exactly what  you will be putting on your face. We encourage  you to do some research on ingredients and be knowledgeable in this area so you don’t get pulled into a sexy title of a product assuming it is natural only to find out it contains alcohol. Tsk! Tsk!  You skin does not like to be dry and dehydrated with alcohol. Today we focus on our newest ingredients – the  Apple Stem Cell Technology from Sweden. Our Cellular Therapy product is featured as well.

Apple stem cell ingredient for Renaud Naturals

Apple stem cell technology combined with tetrapeptides makes our moisturizer very popular with our anti-aging conscious customers!

Renaud Naturals newest moisturizer “Cell Therapy” was developed for our anti-aging customers interested in relaxing wrinkles, plumbing up the skin with collagen enhancing natural ingredients and in general smoothing your skin for that soft dewy look and feel.  If you haven’t heard about the swiss cellular story it’s a good one!

The Uttwiler Spätlauber apple tree comes from canton Thurgau, in northern Switzerland.  It is well known for its excellent storability; it can stay fresh looking for up to four months after being harvested, long after other varieties have become wrinkled.

Human skin stem cells with age tend to have a diminished capacity to replenish and maintain a nice healthy balance of cells.  The ability to repair becomes less efficient. That issue coupled with our environmental damage and UV rays adds to our skins loss of suppleness, resulting in wrinkles.

It was discovered (by Mibelle Biochemistry) that an apple stem cell from this old swiss orchard protects the skin stem cells from aging.  There are old varieties that house a genetic pool which are now harvested for new uses. Ah ha!  Something new and exciting and natural – what a discovery!

Apple Stem Cell Technology  |  Renaud Naturals

From a simple apple, emerges a great anti-aging active ingredient: the Apple Stem Cell

Renaud Naturals takes this ingredient and combines it with other favorites like tetrapeptides, olive squalene and our Cell Therapy Moisturizer was introduced in 2010!  Again, no parabens, no animal testing – a purely natural product that combats aging to give you younger, smooth looking skin.

Malus Domestica: Apple Stem Cell

Malus Domestica (apple stem cell) protects longevity of skin stem cells, delays senescence of essential cells, combats chronological aging, preserves the youthful look and vitality of the skin, restores density, reduces wrinkles, and regenerates radiance. Apple stem cell technology  is a revolutionary anti-aging active ingredient based on a high-tech plant cell scientific breakthrough. Brought to you by your favorite all natural skin care formulator -Renaud Naturals!

For only $44 at 2 ounces, Renaud Naturals provides the highest quality natural products at the best possible price!  Give it a try today and watch your friends compliment your skin right away.  It is a wonderfull new addition to our natural product line.